RPIRG and SCIC are committed to offering a highly subsidized camp experience to prevent financial barriers for our campers, but we can’t do it alone!

We have received interest from individuals wishing to donate to support our campers, so we’ve created this page.**

Buy Now Button

Not sure how much to donate? You can give whatever you’d like, but here’s an idea of costs associated with our 4 day camp experience:

  • $10.37 per camper per meal;
  • $20.76 per camper to support the Artist-in-Residence Program;
  • $33.33 per camper per night for accommodations at a physically accessible site;
  • $100.00 per child in our fully subsidized childcare program.

**If you’re looking to contribute on behalf of an organization, please contact our Camp Coordinator Landen about sponsorship opportunities ( 

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